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1994.5 - 1997 AA/AO Single Shot injectors


Cost shown is for a complete set of 8 injectors, with you sending in your injectors first. There is an $800 core charge due up front for us to send you a Premium Rebuilt set or New Alliant Power set. We typically run about 4 to 6 days out on builds.


All modified injectors require custom tuning for proper performance and efficiency.

             We recommend the tuning professionals listed HERE.


--Please Note: The Budget Build is typically just a starting point for the older '94 - '97 injectors. We have found these injectors are usually in very poor condition and turn into a Premium Build. We start our pricing at $500 for an Overhaul because a lot of the older injectors have been replaced and might have upgraded parts in them already. In that case we can do a very affordable Overhaul or upgrade. Otherwise the final build price will typically range between $500 and $1235 depending on what parts are for a proper repair.


Stock Injectors:


Budget Build:         $500   Stock overhaul, re-used all major wear parts as long as they pass specification and flow.

                           + $350  Add for a set of new Tungsten coated Plunger & Barrel assemblies.

                           + $385  Add for a set of new stock Nozzles.

Premium Build:     $1235   Stock Overhaul and includes new Plunger & Barrel assemblies, new Nozzles.

New:                    $CALL   Brand new Alliant Power AA code injectors.



Stage-1  160 cc with Stock Nozzles:

With correct supporting mods, these are capable of around 345 hp.


Budget Build:         $500  Overhaul and upgrade from 90 cc to 160 cc of fuel output. The Budget Build is only an option if

                                         you have a very low miles truck, or your injectors have previously been rebuilt with all new

                                         major wear parts.

                           + $350  Add for a set of new Tungsten coated Plunger & Barrel assemblies.

                           + $385  Add for a set of new Stock Nozzles.


Premium Build:     $1235  Overhaul and upgrade to 160 cc, new Plunger & Barrel assemblies, new stock Nozzles.

New:                     $CALL  Brand new Alliant Power AC code injectors.   



Stage-1.5  160 cc with 30% over Nozzles:

With correct supporting mods, these are capable of around 365 hp.


Premium Build:  $1235  Overhaul and upgrade to new Plunger & Barrel assemblies, new Nozzles.



Stage-2  160 cc with 80% over Nozzles:

With correct supporting mods, these are capable of around 400 hp.


Premium Build:  $1235  Overhaul and upgrade to new Plunger & Barrel assemblies, new Nozzles.

                                      *These can be upgraded to 180 cc with 100% Nozzles for $75 more.



Stage-2.5  200 cc Hybrid with 30% over Nozzles:

With correct supporting mods, these are capable of around 425 hp.


Premium Build:  $1600    Overhaul and upgrade to new Hybrid Plunger & Barrel assemblies, new Nozzles.



Stage-3  238 cc Hybrids with 100% over Nozzles:

With correct supporting mods, these are capable of over 525 hp.


Premium Build:  $1650   Overhaul and upgrade to new Hybrid Plunger & Barrel assemblies, new Nozzles.

                                       *These can be upgraded to 250 cc for $75 more.



-- Prices do not include shipping.

-- Injectors that are not paid for within 30 days of us first notifying you will be treated as abandoned and will be sold.

-- ALL injectors are shipped with insurance and will require a signature for delivery. This protects both us and our customers and ensures that our injectors reach their correct destination. If you wish to remove this requirement, then we need that request sent to us in writing before the injectors leave our shop.


What is the differences between Budget, Premium & New?


We offer several different levels of Power Stroke Injector builds based on the length of the warranty provided. Instead of offering just 1 warranty and 1 level of injector build, we have found that this approach is the most straight forward possible, and suits most any budget. All of our injectors are built exactly the same way, the only difference is the addition of new parts and the length of the Warranty that we provide.

The Budget Built are considered Overhauled, use YOUR injectors for cores, come with a 6 month warranty and use your existing used parts as long as they meet proper flow specifications, and based on your approval.

The Premium Rebuilt come with a 1 year warranty and consist of NEW Tungsten coated Plunger & Barrel assemblies as well as NEW Nozzles. These can be built from your set or from one of our core sets. Core deposit applies.

The New injectors are just that, Brand New never used, direct from the Original Equipment Manufacturer and come with a 1 year warranty. Alliant Power, the oem for the injectors, requires a core charge, however.

All Budget and Premium injectors are flow tested for proper operation before they leave our shop. New injectors will be drop shipped from our supplier. New External o-rings are installed on all injectors so they are ready for you to drop in place.


The Overhaul Process:


All of our Overhauled injectors are completely disassembled and cleaned, all o-rings replaced, and new nozzle springs installed. The Nozzles are cleaned, inspected and re-used when suitable (on stock and Stage-1 Budget Builds) and the Plungers & Barrels are cleaned, inspected and re-used when suitable. All clearances are blueprinted to ensure proper injector operation. All injectors are then flow tested on our custom test bench at several different RPM and High Pressure Oil ranges to ensure the injectors function and flow properly.

Once we receive your injectors and have inspected them for a Budget Built set, you will be notified of any bad, damaged, or questionable parts for your authorization to repair or replace them. Keep in mind it is very common for several Plunger & Barrel assemblies and Nozzles to need replacing. Condition of nozzles won't be known until the set is finished and flow tested. If you decline any recommended repairs, we reserve the right to adjust your warranty period, or eliminate it altogether. We will not warranty an injector with known faulty parts.

Please keep in mind that higher mileage injectors go through rigorous lifelong wear. It is always recommended that new nozzles be installed on any injector where high mileage is in question. If we are to re-use your nozzles, any nozzle that does not flow up to spec must be replaced. If you decline this replacement, you will not have a properly running motor when your injectors are installed. Our Warranty does not cover used nozzles, regardless, so the decision is yours. The other injector components are relatively easy to inspect and identify when faulty, but the nozzles are the biggest concern since we have no way of really knowing how badly they are worn inside until they are flow tested. We make this suggestion as a way to keep your injector overhaul costs low, it's your choice as to what new parts go into your injectors. We could just install new nozzles on all of our injectors and raise our costs accordingly, but some customers are on a tight budget and choose to re-use their existing nozzles to save money.


Core Policy:


For a Budget Build, you must send your injectors in to be overhauled/rebuilt/modified and supply a contact phone number. There is NO option to send a pre-built set and pay a core charge with these. If you can't have your truck down long enough to send your injectors in for work, then you need to step up to the Premium Rebuilt Injectors. We will only send out injectors for core exchange with our Premium Built injectors, and the core charge is $800 for the set of 8. Once we get your core injectors back you will have your entire core charge refunded as long as the injectors do not have any external damage, are a good rebuildable set and are basically straight from your running truck.




Read about our injector warranty Here.


Shipping your injectors:


Please follow instructions HERE.


Contact us to schedule your injector build: Email at


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