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About Us


Like many successful companies, we had a very humble beginning. Not having the funds to buy over-the-counter performance parts for my Ford Power Stroke pick-up, I was forced to build whatever I wanted myself. I would fully research what I wanted using the Internet and speaking with professionals, then head out to the shop and build it! Many of my friends, both locally and online, saw what I was doing and how much money I was saving by building my own stuff and inquired about duplicating for them what I had built. Then in 2005 Rosewood Diesel Shop, LLC was created and started out as a side business to make some extra cash for upgrades for my truck. You can view some of the work that I've done to my truck at


The side business continued to grow with Rebuilt 7.3 Power Stroke Injectors being requested the most. So, after successfully building dozens of high performance injectors for myself and for local 7.3 Power Stroke enthusiasts, I decided to offer my injectors to a broader customer base and was created.


We are Ford 7.3L Power Stroke enthusiasts at heart and our primary focus is on the Ford Power Strokes. Our priority is ALWAYS in the Injector shop and keeping up with rebuilding customer's 1994.5 - 2003 7.3L Power Stroke fuel injectors. We offer complete Overhaul and Rebuilds of 7.3L Power Stroke injectors from stock to High Performance applications. All of our injectors are machined, built and tested in-house. We utilize a custom flow bench to ensure the quality of each and every injector that we build, and we back all of our 7.3 injector builds with either a 6 month or 1 year warranty, depending on the build level that the you choose.


There are probably 1000 places online that you can buy your gauges, exhaust, intake, and other performance parts from, but we are not one of those places. Regardless of what price I can offer to you on these parts, you will always find a cheaper price online. So we choose to focus on what we do best, and that's restoring the 7.3 Power Stroke injectors.


In the Spring/Summer of 2016, we added a 50' x 110' expansion to our service shop to keep up with the demand of customers needing reliable, cost effective repairs. We provide service and repairs for GM, Dodge, and Ford gas and diesel pick-ups, vans, and light commercial trucks.

We specialize in diagnosis and repair of all Ford Power Stroke Diesel powered vehicles, but we have expanded to cover all makes due to demand.


We are also proud sponsors of,, and


Thank you,

Jim Rose

Rosewood Diesel Shop, LLC


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