7.3L Power Stroke Injector Sleeve Tool Set

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         Our Sleeve Tools are now 100% Made in the USA! Machined right here in Northeast Ohio using USA materials!


          The 7.3L Power Stroke injectors sit in a brass sleeve that separates the injector, and fuel, from the engine's coolant. These brass sleeves weaken and fatigue from age and tend to split and fail. A common symptom is finding fuel in your cooling system. This happens because the fuel system typically operates at around 60 psi of pressure, whereas the coolant system operates at a much lower pressure so the fuel gets pumped into the coolant when the sleeve fails and cracks.    

               We offer these custom made tools to simplify the changing of the sleeves. By design, the tools are shorter than an injector so you can change the sleeves with the heads on the motor and the motor still in the truck since there is no slide hammer required like with some other sleeve tools. Our tools are Black Oxide and Hard Coat Anodized for long life. You can replace your sleeves as preventative maintenance now, or replace them later once you detect signs of failure.

            Here are some basic instructions on how to use our tools: Sleeve Tool Instructions.

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 Injector Sleeve Tool Case  Price: $10

     Add a tool storage case to your order below! This custom tool storage case is made of rigid plastic and includes a foam insert and durable sliding latches. Our case is also made right here in Northeast Ohio!

**Note: Tool cases are only sold with a Tool or Sleeve Kit purchased below.**




Injector Sleeve Master Kit  Price: $450

     Included in the Injector Sleeve Master Kit you'll find the Sleeve Extraction and Install tools, a set of 8 new brass Sleeves, 8 injector o-ring kits, and a 10 ml bottle of the required Loctite Sleeve Retaining Compound.




Injector Sleeve Tool Kit and 8 Sleeves  

                    Price: $350




Injector Sleeve Tool Kit  

                    Price: $250