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Shipping Your Injectors


You must print, fill out, and include our Injector Build Sheet  with your injectors when you send them in for work, or your injectors will just sit here until you inquire as to what happened to them! If you have trouble printing out the sheet, then include all of that information on a hand written note. It's not the sheet we need, but the info!

Also, make sure to remove the aluminum oil deflector spouts that are on the injectors and keep them with you. There's no point risking damaging them in shipping, and you are supposed to remove them before you pull injectors anyway.

Wrap your injectors in several layers of rags or shop towels, folding over the ends to protect the Nozzles and Solenoids. Use of zip lock bags and bubble wrap is always a great idea. Then, pack them tightly in a box. You do not want them loose and able to bump each other and cause external damage during shipping.  

Ship to us using your carrier of choice, but please do NOT use the USPS Flat Rate boxes! Those boxes are much too thin to properly transport 26# of injectors, and they ALWAYS arrive here torn open and often missing injectors. Although it is inexpensive to ship with the Flat Rate boxes, when you have to buy replacement injector cores because yours end up falling out on the way here, you are not saving anything!!


Our shipping address:


Rosewood Diesel Shop, LLC

12114 Mayfield Rd.

Chardon, OH  44024


You also need to contact us by phone or email ( prior to sending in your injectors or they will get set aside and wait while we work on scheduled injector builds.


Thank you,

Jim Rose

Rosewood Diesel Shop, LLC



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