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7.3 Power Stroke Tuning References


Tuning the 7.3 Power Stroke to match your exact set-up is absolutely critical. In most cases you will not be satisfied with an off-the-shelf product like what's available from Banks, Edge, Bully Dog, TS Performance, Superchips, etc. All of these are great products for trucks with stock injectors, but once you install modified injectors and do other modifications to your truck, proper custom tuning is critical for optimal performance and efficiency. Custom tuning doesn't always mean that you need to take your truck to the tuning pro to get your tunes. Custom tuning is tuning from a specialist who will tune your exact truck to your exact needs, who you consult with one on one to get what you want.

     This is why we recommend that you contact a specialist who focuses their business on tuning the 7.3 Power Stroke. Below are a few of the top tuning professionals in the business, and we recommend that you contact any of them directly for your tuning needs.

Jelibuilt Performance,

1023 Tuning, 1023 Tuning

DP Tuner,

Innovative Diesel,

Power Struck Performance Tuning,

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